Spigen’s Discounted Air Fit Wallet Card Case Lets You Fit an AirTag in Your Wallet

Tired of having to spend time looking for your wallet or bag? Spigen’s newest accessory can solve that. Today, you can grab the Spigen Air Fit Wallet Card Case for just $11.99 from its original price of $18 on Amazon.

Adding the AirTag in the wallet card case is simple- just slot the Apple tracker in the designated spot and put it in your wallet or handbag. The case houses a two-piece structure so removal and application is a snap of the finger. 

Spigen Air Fit Designed for Apple AirTag

Spigen’s wallet case is designed to last a long time, with premium material keeping away bumps and scratches. After putting the AirTag in, you can attach a carabiner for your bag or luggage as an alternative. The AirTags 2021 model will prove to be a snug fit, and you won’t have to worry about the tracker getting scratched or lost inside your bag.

Grab the Spigen Air Fit Wallet Case for AirTag today!