Having a charger that can power both your MacBook and your iPhone is a superb convenience you may not have experienced yet. Today, you can enjoy this luxury with the Spigen 120W GaN III USB-C Charging Station which is down to just $59.99 from its original price of $100 on Amazon.

iPhone with MacBook Charger using the Spigen's Multi-Charging Hub

Charge iPhone with MacBook Charger using Spigen’s Multi-Charging Hub

The 120W GaN III charger delivers up to 120W of power through various outputs, including two USB-C and USB-A ports.

You get either 100W or 18W for your MacBook and mobile devices, respectively via Intelligent Power Diffusion technology so only the right current is released for the specific device.

It’s worthy to note that Spigen’s charger is smaller than most, and fine controls prevent ripple noise, over-voltage and over-current instances. ArcDock and Gallium Nitride 3rd generation keeps things safe and cool inside while providing optimal power.

At 40% off, there’s no other time than now to get your Spigen GaN III charging station!


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