A versatile wireless charger on your desk or nightstand will prove its worth time and again. Today, you can get the Spigen ArcField Wireless Charger for just $18.74 from its original price of $25 on Amazon.

Spigen’s Wireless ArcField Charger

Spigen’s charger can churn out an impressive 15W on compatible devices, including the Galaxy Note series and the Galaxy Fold and Flip models. If you have an iPhone, just set it on top and the charger will deliver 7.5W. The AirPods Pro and AirPods can also get much-needed juice so you can top up and not have to worry about the earphone’s battery.

The ArcField can charge through cases that are 5mm thick, and it has overheat protection and a non-slip pad underneath. It has a relatively smaller footprint at just under three inches. A USB-C to USB-C charging cable is included.

Buy the discounted Spigen ArcField Wireless Charger for only $18.74 today!


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