Spotify adds warning on its podcast section


Music streaming platform Spotify has recently attached a warning for users who listen to its podcasts.


After facing backlash over a controversial episode by Joe Rogan, the company has taken several measures to address possible COVID-19 misinformation. Users will be warned for topics broaching the COVID-19 subject, and the content advisory will point them to an online COVID-19 hub where they could read updated and data-driven facts that are shared by public health authorities, academics, physicians and scientists around the world.

Spotify responded to complaints about the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ with a blog post from Daniel Ek, the company CEO for the lines and policies they’ve drawn over the years. While Ek said the policies were already in place they weren’t transparent to the public.

As part of the protest regarding the podcast, notable members such as Neil Young, Nils Lofgren and Joni Mitchell have requested their music be removed from Spotify.

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