Spotify and Apple clash over audiobooks

Streaming music company Spotify has recently been accused by Apple for going around App Store rules in audiobook purchases.

Apple issued a statement and rejected the Spotify app, saying that it didn’t follow the guidelines concerning in-app communications that redirected users outside the App Store for digital purchases.

Spotify and Apple Clash

A spokesperson of the company further mentioned that they had no problem with Spotify having audiobook content, but the issue lies with the app taking users out to an external link and enticing them to make out-of-app purchases.

Spotify claims that this recent event is another of Apple’s anti-competitive behavior and has been a proponent of giving users freedom to make purchases outside of the App Store. As it stands, Apple is collecting anywhere between 15 to 30 percent commission on every sale made within its platform.

Apple says that the app update was approved once Spotify made changes, which means the update should be live for users.