Spotify announced AirPlay 2 support days after saying it won’t come soon

Streaming music service Spotify has backtracked on its AirPlay 2 statement, saying that they will now support it in the near future.

Spotify recently reported that AirPlay 2 integration has been paused due to technical issues, which caused an uproar in its forum. In a new post, Spotify apologized for the confusion and clarified that AirPlay 2 will be supported and that updates will be made available to the public once it’s done.


The feature has also moved from ‘case closed’ status to ‘live idea’. It’s the latest example of the company trying to play nice with Apple and its rival service, Apple Music.

In 2018, Apple allowed third party companies to access AirPlay 2 technology for integration to the platform. One year later, it was reported that Spotify didn’t want any help from Apple to get the feature to work and with Siri, stating that they’re ‘working on it’.