Spotify drops AirPlay 2 due to tech issues

Spotify will not be adding AirPlay 2 support for its future versions as it encountered technical problems.

AirPlay 2 is a feature that users have been asking for years. It allows for a degree of control and improved playback on compatible hardware. In 2018, Apple gave developers the blueprint needed to integrate the feature on third party hardware.


A Spotify representative recently clarified that they have suspended AirPlay 2 support ‘for now’ due to audio driver compatibility issues. Furthermore, the rep mentioned that AirPlay 2 is a ‘bigger project’ that Spotify won’t be able to finish in the near future.

The report did not mention any timeline or details. The last word was that users will get an update on when new information gets out.

Spotify is a streaming music service and a competitor to Apple Music. By adding AirPlay 2 iPhone users could stream music, podcasts and similar audio content to other devices such as sound bars and smart TVs.