Spotify is creating widgets in iOS 14 beta


The Home Screen widgets, introduced in iOS 14 is one of the best features we’ve had for a while. Its customizability and convenience has tempted many developers, including Spotify to create one for their app.


Spotify is set on making an official widget for the TestFlight beta platform. Currently, the widget is in medium and small size, and there’s a feature that displays content elements such as album, artwork, song and artist.


The widget doesn’t contain buttons for next song, pause or play as Apple only currently allows read-only details due to battery life. Developer are working on including album artwork but they’re not displayed as of the moment.

Just last month Spotify was seen testing direct audio streaming on Apple Watch without having to access the iPhone. Also, beta features do not indicate that it’s going to be reality, but being able to stream music and playlists from an Apple Watch may eventually be available for Spotify subscribers.

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