Spotify promises iOS fix for excessive battery drain

Streaming music service Spotify has recently announced that they are working on an update that will fix excessive battery drain on iOS 15 and 14.8 devices.

Following complaints and online posts about the issue, Spotify released a statement that its app could be causing devices with iOS 14.8 and iOS 15 to overheat. Although the company said they’re working on a fix, there’s no timeline or date on when the update will be released, nor did they offer troubleshooting steps on how to possibly prevent the overheating and battery drain from happening.

Spotify users first noticed how the app drains their smartphone battery via background activity. Then, there were reports that battery drain was imminent on older iOS versions.

It’s also possible that an iOS 15 bug could be causing the battery drain and overheating issues. Apple is reported to be working on an iOS 15.0.1 patch to address multiple issues with Apple Music, Unlock with Apple Watch and others.

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