Spotify rolls out a beta version of redesigned CarPlay

Music streaming service Spotify has released a beta test version of a redesigned CarPlay. TestFlight beta users can now try out the new queue system and look into interface changes.

The biggest change in the update is the appearance of a queue system, which brings Spotify to par wih Apple Music in terms of CarPlay experience. It lets users see what’s next without having to check on their iPhone- a dedicated queue button can be found right inside the ‘Now Playing’ section.


The beta version of Spotify CarPlay also underwent a makeover. The four tabs at the top show Library, Browse, Recently Played and Home; the Now Playing screen show accents and colorful album artwork, while Home shows personalized playlists, news and more.

There’s no word on when the beta version features will be coming out to the public, or if it will make it on CarPlay. Previous Spotify updates tend to be slow but hopefully the company can speed it up to bring a new and better CarPlay experience for its users.