Spotify to get Siri voice commands support soon

Since the release of Apple Music, Spotify has suffered some serious damage because of Apple’s tight integration of its music streaming service on iOS devices. Spotify is still the most preferred service in terms of music curation and playlists. However, Apple’s service can work with Siri to perform tasks like playing a song, pausing the song, and many other operations.

Spotify is still the most popular music streaming service with more than double active users on its platform. However, by having its service also work the same way as Apple Music, it would be able to have a firm grounding on the iOS platform. According to News18, Spotify is currently working on integrating Spotify with Siri for voice-based actions.

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Apple released SiriKit for Media along with iOS 13 and it has opened up developers to offer great new experiences. If Spotify could get this right, it would be a huge win for the company. However, the experience of interacting with Siri to play songs on Spotify will not be the same as asking Siri to play a song on Apple Music.

Hey Siri, play some rock music on Spotify!

Spotify Beta on iOS 13 Tests Out Siri Functionality

To play a song on Spotify using Siri, user will have to say “Play the ____ song on Spotify” whereas just by saying “Play the song ____ ”, Siri will start playing the song on Apple Music. The Siri commands for Spotify can be tested using the beta version of Spotify on iOS. At the moment, it’s unclear as to when the company will release this feature to the public.

When Spotify releases its updated app with Siri commands support, users will be able to ask Siri to play songs, albums, and playlists. However, there is no news as to when Spotify will add the same functionality on the Apple Watch. At present, Spotify does not make a dedicated app for the Apple Watch.