Spotify tests new stories-like feature in app


The Spotify app has a new feature that is similar to the Stories feature on Instagram and is undergoing public testing today.

Spotify Tests

Short clips appear alongside playlists and albums, with some having short messages from Pentatonix, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez and others. The feature can be found when you get into a playlist and on the left hand upper corner.

Tapping the icon will bring up an interface with the aforementioned clips and messages.

Stories is a feature that’s sweeping across social media apps. It was first introduced in Snapchat and has since spread to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. 

Although it’s unusual that streaming music services such as Spotify to have the feature, the company has tried similar content before.

Currently, the feature is not showing for all users and only appears in certain album and playlists. As part of the testing process the inclusion of this feature is not set in stone.

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