Spotify update for Mac reveals new changes to Now Playing and Library

Streaming music company Spotify has launched a new update for the Mac.

The ‘Spotify Desktop’ experience is billed by Spotify as ‘one of its biggest revamps’ with the aim of making it the ‘best way’ to organize and explore music on a web browser or computer. The main area remains unchanged and is designated as the main activity hub. New additions make it on par with the app’s mobile counterparts.


The ‘Your Library’ panel will be shown on the left and offer saved music and podcast collection access. The shortcut is said to save time and provide an overview of a user’s collection, as well as add the ability to switch playlists quickly. The ‘Now Playing’ panel has been relegated to the right and reveals the current podcast or song the user is listening to. There’s also an option to minimize the ‘Your Library’ tab with one button click.

Spotify is in the process of rolling out the update to all users.