Square merchant partners launch ‘Tap to Pay’ feature

Square-powered businesses can now advertise the ‘tap to pay’ feature that’s available on the iPhone.

The payment processing platform first announced ‘tap to pay’ in June 2022 and mentioned that they will be supporting Apple’s point-of-sale app, with early access for its partners. Merchants who use Square for payment processing can now accept payments by entering the sale via Square app and connecting to the buyer’s iPhone.

Tap to Pay

The customer has to choose a payment method, including digital wallets, supported credit and debit cards or Apple Pay to complete the transaction. Some brands say that their customer base would rather use contactless cards or digital wallets, to which the Tap to Pay on iPhone offers an excellent fit.

‘Tap to Pay’ was announced in February this year and offers contactless payment without needing any additional hardware. The feature requires an iPhone XS model or newer. Minimum iOS requirements depend on the app being used.