Stadium browser makes a comeback on iOS

Google Stadia is a cloud-based game streaming service that allows users to play. However, it does not work on the iPad and iPhone.

A guy named Zachary Knox created a custom browser, called ‘Stadium’ in order to make it available on iOS. For a brief time, Apple removed the app but it’s now made a comeback.

Stadium developer Zachary Knox updated the app to version 1.2 and has uploaded it to the App Store. Currently, those interested can try it out and download the app.

With the new iteration comes a new issue. The Bluetooth controller doesn’t work as well as it used to. The browser uses a new method of connecting a Bluetooth gamepad which doesn’t always work. The upside is that any Stadia Controller should work since it doesn’t use Bluetooth technology.

Stadium browser can be downloaded from the App Store. Users must follow instructions as outlined by Knox to get the cloud streaming service to work.

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