Star Wars-Themed Virtual ‘Today at Apple’ session launches


Apple is offering Today at Apple online sessions with a Star Wars-themed program.

Star Wars-Themed Virtual

On May 9, the session will have Leff Lefferts teach participants how to produce creature vocals using macOS’ GarageBand. The whole event is made up of three parts- an in-depth interview with Leff Lefferts, a ‘Behind the Mac’ video and a tutorial on GarageBan to create vocal effects. The one-hour session begins May 9 at 8pm EDT.

Leff Lefferts is a Skywalker Sound member and produces audio and sound effects for the popular ‘Star Wars’ franchise. The interview will involve Lefferts discussing how the studio brings characters to life and his favorite projects, among others.

Apple celebrates Star Wars Day with a ‘Behind the Mac’ video and the themed ‘Today at Apple’ session. Online Today at Apple allows users to participate in the comfort of their own homes. The Cupertino-based company has adopted a hybrid approach with both in-person and online sessions available to those interested.

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