Steam Chat App Released for iOS And Android

iOS and Android users can now use Steam Chat on their smartphones. The new chat app came out just a few days after the long-overdue release of the Steam Link app.

Steam Chat carries it’s desktop counterpart’s features, including the ability to do the following:

Steam Chat App
  • Generate Invite Links that can be sent via email or SMS to add new Steam friends.
  • Create a Group Chat for coordinating game nights and for staying in touch with communities.
  • Get Mobile Notifications for game invites and messages. Customization can be allowed per channel, group or friend.
  • Chat with colorful additions such as Steam emoticons, GIFs, tweets, videos, and links.
  • See who’s online in your Friends List.

Individuals who mainly game on the Steam platform will find plenty to like, including future features such as voice chat, among others. Valve has also mentioned that future updates for the main app will be focused on security, including QR codes, one-touch logins, and a better Steam Guard.

The Steam Chat app may be downloaded for free at the App Store.