Gamers, unite! The Steam Link app from Valve is now available to download on the iPhone, Apple TV and iPad, which means you can now play all those Steam games you have on your library.

Steam Link

If you’ve been keeping tabs, then you’ll know that Apple shut down the idea in 2018, saying that they couldn’t for “business conflicts”, but then 1 year after the tech giant finally caved in.

Phil Schiller, chief marketing officer of Apple stated that the company will continue collaborating with Valve to bring Steam to Apple TV and the iOS that follows guidelines. Steam users will now have the ability to play Steam games onto their iPhone, Apple TV or iPad by streaming content from their Mac or PC.

Steam Link iOS

You’ll need iOS 10 or later and at least 5GHz internet connection for optimal performance. You can use the touch screen, Steam or the Made for iPhone controller, depending on your preference.

Steam Link is free on the App Store.


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