Apple TV+ adaptation of Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story trailer released


Apple continues to improve its services business by offering more across its video streaming service and audio streaming service. The famous novelist Stephen King’s adaptation is now set to be released on Apple TV on June 4. It is being produced as an eight episode series titled Lisey’s Story.

Apple TV+ adaptation of Stephen King's Lisey's Story trailer released

Stephen King has revealed that the story of the book was inspired by his own wife. He has been married to Tabitha King for 50 years now, according to AppleInsider. He added that he wanted to share something about marriage and about private life. 

King: Marriage, about long marriage

“I wanted to say something about marriage, about long marriage,” said King, “and about celebrity and about the side of lives that are public and the sides of lives that are private— and the door between those two worlds.”

“One thing I wanted to say was that with a person who is famous, it can be so bright that they have a tendency to eclipse the people who stand the closest them,” he added. “But Tabby is responsible for so much of what I have done, and she’s been so supportive of me over the years.”

Stephen King
Novelist Stephen King says writing is like leaving the ordinary world for a world of his own making: “It’s a wonderful, exhilarating experience.”

King has also written the script for the series based on the adaptation of his own book. The show is being produced by the likes of J.J. Abrams and it is being directed by Pablo Larrain (Jackie). The lead cast includes the Oscar winner Julianne Moore along with Clive Owen, Joan Allen, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Dane DeHaan, Sung Kang, and Ron Cephas Jones. 

“It isn’t a love letter to her, because that would be a little bit embarrassing for me, and it would be horribly embarrassing for her,” said King. “But certainly everything that I know in all my experience in marriage has been positive. And that’s in there.”

Apple has now released the trailer for Lisey’s Story. It is set to stream on Apple TV+ beginning June 4.


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