The RR Auctions themed event, titled ‘Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution’, has reached a conclusion.

Apple Computer

The results of the auction were published online with actual and estimated prices. A Wozniak-autographed and working Apple I computer fetched a $500,000 estimation, while an original iPhone was believed to have a $54,904 value. Other notable items include a Cook-autographed iPhone 11 for $3,976 and a Yocam-owned Apple Lisa 1 device that fetched $81,251 with an estimated worth of at least $65,000. Incidentally, Yocam was the first COO for the company in the 80s.

Other items in the event included a Jobs written note with schematics and technical instructions, which RR Auction believes to be a counting mechanism for the Apple 1 computer. The auction ran from February 17 through March 16. Some of the sellers weren’t happy with the results, but the auction company reached out and resolved their concerns.


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