Steve Jobs and Wozniak check goes on auction

A check made out to Ramlor Inc. and signed by both Apple co-founders is up for auction.

Checks signed by the late Steve Jobs have been auctioned off before, but this time it’s a memorabilia that ties both Jobs and Steve Wozniak together. What’s interesting is the the check comes from before Apple was formed and is believed to be part of buying components for the Apple I computer.

Steve Jobs and Wozniak Check

The item on auction was dated March 19, 1976 and made out for Ramlor Inc to the amount of $116.97. In today’s money, this is worth roughly $630. The auction holder, RR Auction, said that the check comes from Wells Fargo and has a 7.5 x 3 inch dimension. The temporary check bears the same account number and routing number as other early checks.

Online bids are open for the Apple memorabilia and will be live until August 24.