Steve Jobs memorabilia set to go on auction

A Steve Jobs application is set to go in an online auction as a non-fungible token and a physical item.

The rare memorabilia has been on the auction block before- in 2018 and earlier this year. The current auctioner, Olly Joshi will be taking bids on his website and through the Snoofa app, while the NFT version will be on Rarible.

Steve Jobs

The job application is dated 1973 and features a hand-written note from the late Apple founder on how the modern shift has perceived value in both digital and physical aspects. The paper was filled out by Jobs and predates his stint with Atari and co-founding Apple with Steve Wozniak.

The NFT version will be sold as a blockchain asset and a token of ownership. A percentage of the profit will be donated to One Laptop per Child and the Cancer Research Center.

Both auctions will go live July 21, with bids accepted on the organizer’s website and Rarible.