Steve Jobs-Numbered Apple-1 nets $440K auction price

A recent auction of a rare Apple-1 computer reached over $440,000.

In 1976, there were only 200 Apple computers produced by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, which dwindled down to just 60 or 70. The rarity makes the machine a sought-after item by Apple enthusiasts.


The item of interest, an Apple-1 computer marked #78, was restored by Corey Cohen to working condition in 2018. The package came with a letter of authenticity in regards to Jobs’ handwriting, as well as the original manual,  an Apple Cassette Interface, an ASCII keyboard, and a Sanyo 4205 monitor.

After the dust settled, the bid price reached $442,118 in November, which exceeded expectations. The highest price anyone paid for an Apple-1 computer reached $815,000.

RR Auctions also sold some Apple memorabilia in the same event, which includes an Auburn University signed by Tim Cook, a 1988 early production NeXT computer, and a NeXT Brochure signed by Steve Jobs.