Steve Jobs-Signed Apple II manual fetches $787,483

A recently auctioned Apple II reference manual signed by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Mike Markkula fetched a whopping $787,484.

The manual had a message from Steve Jobs and was directed to Julian Brewer, who was Michael Brewer’s son. In 1979, Michael went to the UK and negotiated Apple’s distribution rights. The note reads, ‘Julian, your generation is the first to grow up with computers. Go change the world! Steven Jobs, 1980’.

The auction platform, RR Auctions also sold off other Steve Jobs items, including a NeXTSTEP software package that commanded $210,325 and a letter from Steve Jobs that says ‘I don’t sign autographs’ that fetched $479,939.

Apple II

Other notables included a Lisa Computer that went for $94,949, a signed Mac Motherboard that fetched $132,049 and a working Apple-1 computer that sold for $464,876.

Steve Jobs-Signed Apple II manual fetches $787,483

Lastly, a bomber jacket worn by Steve Jobs went for $66,466 and a Macworld issue #1 signed by Wozniak and Jobs went for $201,021.

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