Steve Jobs to receive posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom award


Steve Jobs, the late Apple CEO will be receiving a posthumous award of the President Medal of Freedom, which is the highest US civilian honor, as per the White House.

Steve Jobs

US president Joe Biden announced on Friday seventeen recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which includes Jobs, who died in 2011. The presentation and the awarding is set on July 7 at the White House.

The White House decided to include Jobs due to his changing the tech industry landscape and the surrounding fields. In a press briefing, it’s said that Jobs’ ‘creativity, imagination and vision have led to inventions and how the world communicates, as well as film, computer, wireless and music industries’.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is given to individuals ‘who have made exemplary conditions to the security, values and prosperity of the United States, other significant private, public or societal endeavors or world peace’.

The list of award recipients can be found at the official White House webpage.

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