Stolen e-Scooter found using AirTags

A security expert recently found out that his e-scooter was stolen. Luckily, he had installed AirTags and tracked it down, leading to a successful recovery.

Trail of Bits CEO Dan Guido outlined on social media how he hid two AirTags in his scooter and how it was stolen Monday night due to an oversight. He then tried to get police help but met resistance because they weren’t familiar with the tracking device.


A week later Guido convinced the local police to accompany him to the location and show them how the AirTags work. It led him to an ebike store, where he got an UW ping. The store was shady and Guido filed a report at the precinct.

The Trail of Bits CEO then posted a few tips on how to use the AirTags to get back their lost devices. AirTags have made the news on how they tracked wallets and other valuables in the US.