Streaming Wars: Will Apple buy Netflix or Disney?

Earlier this year, Apple unveiled its video streaming service Apple TV+ with hot new originals followed with a launch in November. Since then, the company has released a couple episodes of some TV series and movies. The shocking move from the company around its streaming service was that it did not take old collection of TV shows or movies from other media giants.

If you are to the Apple TV+ app, you will be greeted with a handful of titles. It’s unclear as to whether the company plans to purchase content in the future or continue investing large sums of money in creating its own shows.

Netflix Not Worried Despite Looming Apple TV+ Launch
Steven Spielberg is working on an anthology series for Apple
Steven Spielberg is working on an anthology series for Apple

At present, Apple is pumping billions of dollars in bringing the brightest minds of Hollywood together to create an impressive catalogue of TV shows and movies. The famed director (filmmaker) Steven Spielberg is working on an anthology series named Amazing Stories based on the 1985 show of the same name created by Spielberg himself.

The Morning Show starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon has garnered critical acclaim as the show ended with ten episodes on 20th December, 2019. The Jason Momoa starrer See was expected to do well with customers but it turned out to be lackluster with critics downvoting the show.

Invest or buy?

JJ Abrams Turns Down Apple TV+ Contract

The speculation has been rife with people in the tech industry and the media industry reporting that Apple could potentially buy Netflix or Disney to improve its standing in the streaming wars. The streaming wars is real and it’s going to be more intense soon. If Apple intends to survive, it has to start adding content from other media houses or should consider buying already built streaming services.

Apple Music’s success could be attributed to the fact that the company bought Beats for its streaming service to lay the foundation for its own in-house music streaming service. Will Apple do something similar with video streaming as well? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments section down below.