Financial services company Stripe will be launching a closed beta program to test out Apple’s newly announced ‘Tap to Pay’ feature.


Apple announced ‘Tap to Pay’ a feature that allows merchants and businesses to accept payments without needing additional hardware. The Cupertino-based company also said that they are working with Stripe to integrate the feature.

Stripe then promptly launched a closed beta program to test the feature. Those who are interested can get to the official webpage and wait for further details and instructions.

‘Tap to Pay’ is set to become available this year, but no exact date has been set. The integration with Stripe extends to the firm’s partners which include Shopify.

As for the hardware needed to run ‘Tap to Pay’ an iPhone XS or newer is required, as well as a supported app. It’s rumored that the feature will be included in the next beta release. However, Stripe did mention that integration is set to arrive in the spring.


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