‘Strombo’s Lit’ launches on Apple books


George ‘Strombo’ Stroumboulopoulos, Apple Music host, has recently launched a book club on the Books app.

Strombo’s Lit

Titled ‘Strombo’s Lit’, the announcement came on social media platform Twitter and on his show. Viewers on the Book app can view his page, which says ‘If we want a better culture, we have to understand each other a little better’. Strombo then iterated that one way to make this happen is to read each other’s stories.

George Stroumboulopoulos worked with Apple in 2020 as a live radio host, particularly ‘Strombo’, a channel where he recommends musical artists to listeners. He also has 10 years’ worth of experience in the talk show niche, where he interviewed notable figures such as Cornel West, Gore Vidal and Maya Angelou.

Apple clarified that ‘Strombo’s Lit’ will not replace curated lists its editors have published. Strombo’s first book review will be ‘Termination Shock’, which is written by Neal Stephenson.

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