Gaming peripheral brand 8BitDo has added support for Apple devices on several of its products.


The 8BitDo Ultimate 2.4g, Pro 2, Pro+, SN30 Pro, SN30 Pro for Android, and Lite SE can now be paired natively on Apple devices such as Apple TV, Mac, iPad, and iPhones after a firmware update. With the latest version, the controllers can be used like other Made for iPhone gamepads to play controller-supported titles, which include Apple Arcade games.

Bluetooth connection is supported, as well as wired connections via USB-C. Depending on the Apple device, up to four 8BitDo controllers can be connected although some will lose motion control and rumble.

Those who own the mentioned devices will need to update their controllers to the latest firmware version. This can be done by downloading the respective update on the official 8BitDo website, then connecting the hardware via cable to a computer and running the software.


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