Social media platform Twitter will be doing away with SMS-based verification.


Twitter declared in February that it was changing two-factor authentication for users by phasing out text-based 2FA for all users except Twitter Blue subscribers. In today’s deadline, Twitter users will have to change their two-factor authentication preference to one that’s approved by the company.

Starting March 20, Twitter users that aren’t on Twitter Blue will have their 2FA automatically disabled. With this in mind, the only protection they have will be their account passwords unless they add TFA back in another form. Pop-ups have been appearing to remind users to remove text message two-factor authentication with a link to click if they want to act on the deadline. Twitter further warned that users can possibly lose their access if it isn’t done by March 19.

Those interested can log in and go to ‘Get Started’, followed by choosing ‘turn off two-factor authentication’ and picking a new method.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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