Students in Sonoma State U get iPads for spring 2022

Sonoma State University will be giving away iPads and compatible accessories for students who will be joining the 2022 school year.

The Spring 2022 term promotion is open to transfer and first year students. They will be getting an iPad Air, Apple Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil for use throughout their undergraduate tenure as part of the CSUCCESS platform.

CSUCCESS is a California State University program that aims to provide 35K students within the California State University system access to technology, namely iPads and supporting hardware. Sonoma is part of the 2-stage expansion when the program launched and is one of the six total campuses, namely San Bernardino, Pomona, Long Beach, Fullerton and Dominguez Hills.

iPads are getting integrated into educational institutions as a technological adoption for teaching. Apple has committed to giving away 6,000 devices, including the AirPods Pro and iPad Pro to Norfolk State University students and faculty members.

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