Stylishly Elevate Your MacBook with the 20% Off Twelve South HiRise Stand

Give your neck and eyes a welcome respite when you prop your MacBook up an ergonomic laptop stand. Today, the Twelve South HiRise for MacBook is down to just $63.96 from its original price of $80 on Amazon.

Twelve South’s laptop stand is adjustable, which means every user will have that perfect elevation they need to start working ergonomically. The stand makes a dual monitor setup possible via rear pistons that can make the laptop rise up by a maximum of 6 inches.

The exposed base is there for a reason- it helps air move around and cools your MacBook. The arms are non-slip and hold your MacBook securely at all times. The stand supports virtually every kind of MacBook model, and the aluminum finish goes very well with the aesthetic design of the laptop.

20% off, or $16 savings is an excellent deal for an aluminum stand for your MacBook. Buy the Twelve South HiRise Stand today!

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