Summary and news aggregator app Brief joins Twitter

Summary service and news aggregator Brief has been bought out by Twitter recently.

Brief made the announcement in-app, saying how they will be joining Twitter to improve public conversation. The official Brief iOS app is set to shut down permanently due to the acquisition, with a representative saying that user subscriptions are canceled and refunds are on the way.

iOS app

Brief was founded in 2020 by former Google engineers. It’s a news summary app that focuses on engagement over accuracy and aims to deliver concise news tidbits on the most important things happening all over the world.

The staff from Brief is set to join the Twitter group and work on public conversation on Explore and Spaces, as well as other sections on Twitter’s website.

Details on how Brief could improve the app is unclear at the moment since both parties did not disclose details, but it’s expected that Brief’s expertise could move project development pertaining to public conversation forward.