Apple releases support document for confused Apple One subscribers with two Apple IDs

Some Apple device users have more than one Apple ID to use on their devices. Having so has never caused a problem till very recently, however since the introduction of Apple One, users are left in confusion as the extra iCloud storage is being given to the Apple ID they do not use iCloud with.

Apple One when purchased allocates the extra storage to the Apple ID that is used to purchase the plan. However, some people reportedly have a different Apple ID for payments such as for iTunes purchases and another for iCloud (media and stuff). It does make sense to do so, as it is possible to do so and the iPhone maker allows users to have more than one Apple ID. It is much simpler to keep things separate – offers some mental peace as well for people who care heavily about security and privacy on the internet. 

Several people must have asked the same questions

“If you use different Apple IDs for iCloud and media subscriptions, your Apple One subscription is applied to the Apple ID you use for media subscriptions,” says Apple in a new support document. However, you can apply the iCloud storage included in Apple One to the Apple ID you use for iCloud.”

Apple One plans
Apple One plans

It appears as if many users asked the same question several times to the support teams or on the forums or both that Apple had to release a support document to address that topic specifically. So now, Apple specifically mentions which Apple ID is to be used for Apple One and which is to be used for iCloud storage. It also adds that the data users may already have on the cloud will not be affected.

“Applying your Apple One storage plan to the Apple ID you use for iCloud does not affect the data you already store in iCloud,” reads the support document released by Apple.

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