Surge Protector with 3 Outlets, 3 USB Port and a phone holder is now on sale


We at iLounge have a special deal on the NTONPOWER 3-Outlet & 3-USB Port Surge Protector and Phone Holder, which allows you to power a maximum of 6 devices and doubles as a smartphone holder as well.

Surge Protector

Get the ultimate utilitarian tool that combines the convenience of an expansion hub with the usefulness of a phone stand. The NTONPOWER surge protector is sure to be on every office desk, thanks to its ability to charge 3 USB devices or accessories, 3 other everyday electronic products and still look right sitting atop your desk in the process.

If you’re looking to de-clutter and streamline your most-used items, you can’t go wrong with a multi-purpose surge protector. Choose from Black or White color options and never worry about having to plug in your printer, desk lamp or smartphone and tablet charger again!

Surge Protector by NTONPOWER

The NTONPOWER 3-Outlet & 3-USB Port Surge Protector + Phone Holder is normally priced at $24.99, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $19.99. You get 20% off on our deal.

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