Apple invites select developers to test Swift Playgrounds 4

Apple is set to release an updated version of its Swift Playgrounds app. The company announced new features at its annual developers conference (WWDC) in June, this year. Select developers are now being invited to test the app ahead of the final release.

Swift Playgrounds app will be available as a beta version for the developers who have been invited to test the features. All the invitees will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before getting access to the beta version of the app. However, 9To5Mac has obtained a screenshot of the app from a developer.

For simple and light-weight projects

The most interesting feature of the new version of Swift Playgrounds app is that it will allow developers to submit their project to the App Store directly. The feature is yet to be released; the current version of Swift Playgrounds which is widely available requires developers to use Xcode on Mac to publish their app to the App Store.

Developers will be able to submit their app for review to App Store Connect without having to go through the fuss of having to deal with Xcode. While Xcode continues to be the professional development environment for large and complex projects, developers that want to publish something simple can do so with ease with the upcoming version of Swift Playgrounds.

Swift Playgrounds is a great way to learn to code right on a Mac or iPad. With Swift Playgrounds 4, coming later this year, users will be able to create the visual design of an app with SwiftUI. App projects can be opened and edited in Swift Playgrounds or in Xcode, and when they’re ready, users can build a real app and submit it directly to the App Store right from their iPad.


Swift Playground 4 will allow developers to publish their apps directly from their iPad if they wish to.

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