SwiftKey keyboard app reappears on the App Store

SwiftKey, Microsoft’s third-party keyboard has made an appearance at the App Store.

Microsoft said that SwiftKey will be delisted and removed from iOS in September, although the company has not given any reason on why it will do so. The popular third-party alternative keyboard is used by iPhone users who didn’t want to use Apple’s default keyboard.

SwiftKey Keyboard App

A few weeks after the SwiftKey exit announcement, Microsoft went back on its word and says that the company will be bringing back the keyboard app due to ‘customer feedback’.

Caitlin Roulston, Microsoft spokesperson mentioned that the app has been relisted, and that users should ‘stay tuned’ for further changes and additions. The news went around social media, particularly on Twitter.

The SwiftKey app is available to download for free on the App Store. You will need to change the keyboard settings to make it the default keyboard within the iPhone’s Settings app.