SK Telecom, one of the biggest carriers in South Korea will be opening an unmanned store called ‘T Factory’ in partnership with Microsoft, Apple and others.

T Factory

October 31 is the opening date of the shop. Located in Seoul, it will showcase devices from partner companies like Microsoft and Apple.

‘T Factory’ is aptly named for its creativity and innovation. Park Jung-ho, SK Telecom CEO mentions that the store will hopefully allow people of all backgrounds collaborate and share ideas together.

The unmanned, 24 hour store will feature new experiences, such as comparing smartphones, selling used phones, signing up for service, buying accessories and check-ins using AI technology. 

SK Telecom claims that customers can complete the sign-in process and get a new smartphone in 5 minutes. Registration in advance is required; then, the customer undergoes a self check-in via facial recognition and thermal sensors to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


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