T-Mobile eSIM Makes for Easier Network Testing on iPhone

Telecommunications company T-Mobile has recently outed a new eSIM that allows iPhone users to test the network without needing to connect to hotspots and additional hardware.

Those who are interested can download an app, which is available on T-Mobile’s official website and install it on their iPhones. The program doesn’t change the user’s current plan or phone number, and it doesn’t require billing information as well.

The free trial is for 30 days or until the user exceeds 30GB worth of data. An iPhone XS that’s unlocked and running iOS 14.5 is needed. Additionally, iPhone 12 users will be able to test the network’s 5G capabilities.

The promotion is part of T-Mobile’s Test Drive program, which offers a one month trial via a hotspot device mailed to those who wish to try it out. For more details regarding the free network trial it’s recommended that users visit T-Mobile’s official website.

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