T-Mobile launches new wireless plan with AppleCare+ and Business Essentials


Mobile network provider T-Mobile has recently introduced a new wireless plan that gives customers a new phone, Apple Business Essentials and the extended warranty product AppleCare+.


Business Unlimited Ultimate is the company’s all in one solution for businesses that want an unlimited phone line and the AppleCare+, as well as Apple’s device management program. The partnership between the two companies feature small business perks, with the plan only costing $50 per line on contracts with 6 lines minimum.

The new wireless plan gives an iPhone 13 for every line, unlimited data, text and talk, 200GB of hotspot data monthly and free high speed data abroad and in-flight wifi. AppleCare+ and Apple Business Essentials will be a part of the package.

T-Mobile is offering an ala carte option for those with existing business plans. Businesses who wish to avail of the Business Unlimited Ultimate can visit the official website for further details.

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