Take 11% off with MH650 gaming headset from Cooler Master


Need a flashy gaming headset with RGB illumination for Twitch streams and high quality audio for extra immersion? The Cooler Master MH650 Gaming Headset is worthy of your consideration.

Gaming Headset

Today, it’s down to just $79.99 from its original price of $89.99 on Amazon. You get a $10 off, or 11% discount on a headphone that lasts a long time.


The MH650 immediately shows its pizazz with ambient RGB lighting, controlled by software. Lightshows add personality and are a nice touch to any gaming headset.

Inside are form-fitting cushions and mesh fabric to support marathon gaming sessions without the discomfort. Virtual surround sound in 7.1 will fill your ears with crystal clear sound. A single USB cable minimizes potential tangles so you can play without the nuisance of excessive wires.

The mic and cable can be detached, and foldable hinges make for easy portability. At only $79.99 the MH650 is an excellent deal!

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