Tall Images no longer cropped in timeline with iOS Twitter App update


Twitter recently announced that its iOS app will support larger preview images in a user’s timeline. This update allows tall images to be displayed in its entirety when viewed through the Twitter app.

Twitter App

The company has been testing preview images on both Android and iOS since March, but it’s only now that the feature is made available to everyone.

Twitter announced the update today, and instead of cropping 16×9 images the photo will now be displayed in 3:4 and 2:1 aspect ratios without eliminating any area. The web version still have the cropping issues but it may be updated in the near future.

Twitter has been making significant changes to both the functionality and appearance of the platform. Just last month Twitter users could now upload 4K images on their iOS devices, which translates to the timeline without any compromise in quality.

To experience larger image previews make sure your Twitter iOS app is updated to the latest version.


Samantha Wiley

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