Tech giants team up to create Speedometer 3

Apple will be doing a collaboration with Mozilla and Google to create an app that can benchmark browser performance.

The makers of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will be teaming up with Apple to create the latest version of Speedometer. The Cupertino-based company’s WebKit team posted the details on Twitter, saying how they will work together with the aforementioned companies for the next Speedometer iteration.

Speedometer 3

Speedometer is a web browser benchmark that can accurately measure web app responsiveness on various workloads and simulated user experiences. In a head-to-head versus Apple’s native browser, Google Chrome outshone the competition in May this year.

Official details surrounding Speedometer 3 will be listed on GitHub. Currently, Speedometer 3 is undergoing a beta phase, with no information as to when it will be launched or released to the public. Visitors are advised to stay tuned for news and further development of the app. In the meantime, users are encouraged to use Speedometer 2.1.