The popular photo sharing service Instagram is down again. To be more precise, the service appears to be going through a “hiccup” stage – some parts load perfectly fine whereas some don’t. Majority of the users are greeted with an error message “Couldn’t refresh feed” at the top. However, in some cases, parts of the app like “Explore” appear to work perfectly normal.

Instagram down globally: Unable to refresh feed error

Some users even got the following when accessing Instagram via desktop:

Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.

Oddly, the error appears to display the Facebook logo along with the Facebook title on the page. A screenshot of the error can be found below.

Instagram Down on Desktop

If this outage is to last for a couple of hours, then it would be the second such incident in just under a week. On 13th of June, Instagram was down for thousands of users across the globe. However, the question as to why the service was down in the first place is never answered by Facebook (the parent company of Instagram).

Instagram refresh error
Instagram refresh error

Twitter to the rescue

Twitter has always been the platform for users to voice their concerns but on the other hand, Instagram is the platform used by the majority to kill time and share their “life updates”. While the majority of the Twitteratis use the tag #InstagramDown to start a trend, some resort to posting their InstaDaily updates on the platform.

Facebook had a rough few years starting with the Cambridge Analytica data breach which exposed millions of users. Since then, the reputation of the “Facebook” service has gone down drastically with many longtime users deleting their accounts and also starting a #DeleteFacebook trend on Twitter. Adding to that, former Facebook executives have also voiced their concerns against the company which keeps growing at a rapid pace.

Instagram has been the service which has equalled-out the bad for Facebook as the service is still popular with the younger generation as well as the older generation. While the Facebook service hasn’t completely deteriorated, the company appears to be pushing majority of its resources into the popular photo-sharing service to compete with the likes of Snapchat.

Update: Looks like the site is back online at our end.

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