OnePlus 7 Leak Image Hints All-screen Design with Triple-Lens Camera


OnePlus is expected to release two standard smartphones this year if it adheres to tradition: OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T. However, The Chinese smartphone maker unveiled a standalone 5G phone in heavy camouflage at MWC 2018 a few weeks ago. That device will reportedly go on sale next quarter, however, it’s still doubtful if it’s going to be part of the OnePlus 7 series.

OnePlus 7

OnePlus 7

Meanwhile, several leaks have claimed that OnePlus will deliver a brand new design with the OnePlus 7, and we have one more image that seems to confirm those reports.

In the meantime, various leaks have alleged that OnePlus will revamp the OnePlus 7 design, and the recently leaked picture seems to corroborate those reports.

OnePlus 7 is still not announced, however, the company has confirmed that the phone will not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack or wireless charging. Rumors previously suggested that an all-screen, notch-less design will feature on the handset. OnePlus 7 would sport a slide-out selfie camera instead of the teardrop notch that we saw on the OnePlus 6T. just like most flagships in 2019, a triple-lens camera module is anticipated to be added on the back of the phone.

An alleged case of OnePlus 7 featuring elements of design confirm the rumors above has been leaked on by Reputable Samsung leaker Ice Universe.

The phone that would fit inside the case shown in the above image would have a triple-lens camera on the back, considering the size of that camera cutout. In addition, the cutout on the top side will possibly contain the slide-out selfie camera. Besides there is something you should pay attention to is that there is no opening to accommodate the headphone jack at the top or bottom of the case.

Ice Universe has not shared any additional case or OnePlus 7 information. We can only speculate that by June the phone is going to hit stores. OnePlus did not announce any media events either for the OnePlus 5 G phone or the OnePlus 7, but it would make sense to see both devices unveiled at next quarter’s press conference.

Ice Universe didn’t share additional information about the case or the OnePlus 7. We can only speculate that by June the phone is going to hit stores.


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