Samsung Galaxy A50 latest firmware update fixed Smart View problems but caused over-heating issues

Last week, Samsung updated Galaxy A50 firmware which was supposed to enhance the performance of its in-display fingerprint sensor. Instead, the update caused several flaws including the Smart View feature. Since the update, Smart View feature halted the device.

It would take the device so much time to connect, and it would disconnect as soon as it was connected. many users had complained about the issue. Samsung has quickly responded to the reports and since released a fully-baked update to fix the issue.

The Galaxy A50 latest firmware update has since fixed Smart View’s connectivity problem. The feature works properly, although some users are now lamenting about over-heating issues. It is unclear at the moment if Samsung is going to release another update for its over-heating problems.

If you would like to update your Galaxy A50 to the latest Firmware,  just head to the Software update in Settings and then tap on download updates manually.

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