Samsung Galaxy Earbuds Vs. New AirPods: Which One To Buy?


Have you heard the news yet? The new AirPods are out! Given that this comes right after the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds have been released, you might need some guidance picking which one to buy — and that’s where I come in. Let’s compare Samsung Galaxy Earbuds vs. new Apple AirPods more closely so that you can make the best decision.

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First and foremost, the important deciding factor is the cost. The new AirPods are priced for $159 on Apple’s website. With that price, you will also receive a standard charging case. Or else, you can pick up the $199 AirPods, featuring a new wireless charging case. The price difference may seem like a lot just for a charger, but Apple is offering the customers to engraved their charging cases with anything — free of charge.

Contrarily, the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds, which were released last month, have been up for sale for $129.99. So, there is not an enormous difference in price, but It just depends on your needs.

Besides the wireless charger (which can also be purchased separately for $79), the AirPods are equipped with a new H1 chip offering performance efficiencies, excellent connectivity to devices, an extra hour of talk time which was previously just two hours and five hours of listening time,an updated feature from Siri and much more.

While Samsung Galaxy EarBuds are also wirelessly chargeable, however, the extra-special feature is that they can also be charged by placing them on top of the Galaxy S10. The EarBuds are available in several colors such as sea green, silver, rose gold, and black while the AirPods only come in white. they also let the users connect with its Android equivalent of Siri, Samsung’s Bixby. Oh yeah, You also avail five hours of call time and six hours of Bluetooth streaming.

Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds or New AirPods?

I can’t make the choice for you, but hopefully, the pros and cons mentioned above would make it easier. although the new Siri feature seems cool, it’s still unparalleled to the ability to charge the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds by simply placing them on top of your phone. While the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds don’t come with the free engraved charging case.

its seems like you’re going to be in for a treat, no matter what wireless earbuds you choose to buy.

Best of luck and Happy Shopping.

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