Spotify introduces Premium Duo plan for couples


Spotify has begun testing a new Premium Duo plan. The bundle primarily created for couple offers a significantly discounted rate of two Premium subscriptions. It makes Spotify the only music streaming service offering the plan of a couple. However, it comes with a few cautions.

Spotify premium duo

Just like its rival Apple Music, when you opt for its Premium plan, Spotify costs $ 9.99 a month for individual subscribers. There is also a family plan that is priced at $ 14.99 a month for up to six users. However, if you don’t need multiple accounts, a middle ground is perfect for two.

Spotify Premium Duo is ideal for couples

Spotify’s Premium Duo plan, now being tested in five countries, provides you with two Premium accounts for just € 12.49 (approx. $ 14) per month. It’s ideal for couples and roomies, who would normally pay for two accounts for $ 19.98 a month.

However, There’s a catch, both subscribers must live at the same address to qualify for a Premium Duo plan like Spotify’s Family Plan. Moreover, if you choose to opt for Premium Duo subscription, you will be required to confirm your address.

Spotify users in Ireland, Colombia, Chile, Denmark and Poland currently can sign-up for Premium Duo plan. The company still needs to confirm, when it will expand its reach to other countries.


Naveed Ahmed

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