When is Call of Duty Coming to Mobile?

One Question that is on everybody’s mind is that, when is Call of Duty coming to mobile? Currently, it’s unclear when the developers of the Call of Duty plans to release a mobile version of the game. The game developers have only mentioned that the game is coming soon in the upcoming months without any specific date on their website.

For anyone who owns an Android device and is super-excited about Call of Duty Mobile, pre-registration is now open. The game will also be available for iPhone users, but that is still under development.

When is Call of Duty Coming to Mobile

The Chinese Company Tencent Games who co-developed last year’s China-exclusive CoD: Legends of War has unsurprisingly partnered once again with Activision to code Call of Duty Mobile.

Most Likely, Free-to-play model will be followed by Call of Duty Mobile. However, it is still too early to predict whether the title will add in-app purchases to support their ongoing improvement.

Being on the top of the Google PlayStore chart will certainly aid Call of Duty on minds of mobile gamers. However, similar mobile games like Fortnite having over 15 million players, Is Call of Duty little too late to the party? Let us know in the comment below?